October 15, 2017

I had recently gone to my boss at the grocery store where I worked and explained that the 26 hours a week were too much along with my 12 hours a week as a PCA.

When I first got hired at the grocery store, I told her I wanted about 15 hours. But, soon after I was hired,  she called for me to come in extra days and hours and I could not.  Then, she just scheduled me extra hours.

I can’t work too many hours, because I need to be careful with my health and not have a relapse.  I was sick for many years, and it took a long time to be able to have any job. If I push it too much, I may not have any job if I get sick again and can’t work anymore.

My boss told me last week that I could work 3 days a week, 5 hour shifts.  But, today, when I checked my schedule, I saw that she scheduled me 19 hours for next week and she scheduled me for Friday.

The whole 2 1/2 months I worked there she NEVER scheduled me on a Friday, but she did now and I had just told my lady I help as a PCA that, since the grocery store never has me work on a Friday, I can help her an extra hour on Friday.

We just changed our hours last week. And, now, this coming week, the grocery store has me working 1 hour after I get done helping my lady for 5 hours.

I need more time than that between jobs. Now, I had to ask my lady to change her hours this week.





October 12, 2017

I went through my boxes today and took out some winter clothes.

I also got rid of lots of clothes I had for years. I had worn those same clothes over and over and over again.  I just needed a change.

I didn’t feel guilty as I got tons of use out of those clothes that I originally got at resale shops, anyway and paid hardly anything for those clothes. And, any new clothes I will get at resale shops too.

You can get amazing bargains at resale shops!

October 7, 2017

Another 8 hour shift.

My employer has been giving me more of these lately, even though, when I first got hired, she said I could do 4 hour shifts. I am not complaining because I do need more hours. I need to try to pay down our 2 credit cards.

When they are paid down enough, maybe I will ask for the 4 hour shifts again. Even 6 hours are not so bad.  My knees and feet aren’t so good and the job requires standing and walking all day long.