June 28, 2018

Dogs are like tatoos.

The more you get, the more you want.

As least that is the case for my husband and me.

My husband and I have two rescues-

One, we went to the Humane Society for.



And, the other one was supposed to go to the Human Society after my husband found a girl with a stray dog. This girl found him and was looking for a home for him. Instead of giving the girl and the dog a ride to the Humane Society, I took him home instead.


He was unexpected, but a welcome addition to our family.

Well lately, my husband and I have been tossing around the idea of someday soon getting a little girl pittie baby. Both of our dogs are pittie mixes and they are the sweetest dogs.

We are going to wait, because our two boys are 3 and 5 years old. They are FINALLY starting to settle down a bit.  I don’t want a puppy quite yet. We will be on the look out for a puppy who may just come into our lives just like our one dog. If so, then we will adopt that fur-baby.

Here is a video I made for our two fur-babies-

I have been taking a break from WordPress for a few months, but I feel to get back into writing this blog. I am not going to say I will have daily posts like I did before, but I do want to write when I feel I have some things I would like to share.

As the Summer progresses, my husband and I have taken up a new hobby- rafting, floating… Whatever is it, it is pretty fun. We go to the lake where we got married. We got all the gear- the 2 person raft, the oars, and the life jackets.


Phillip rafting

(I don’t know why the life jacket looks WAY too small on my husband. We got adult sizes.)

Resting on the raft

I can’t wait to go when the weather is not so hot.  I think we will have more fun.

I recently got my first IPhone, the IPhone SE in rose gold-



And, after three sleepless night of trying to figure out how to transfer my ringtones from my old cell phone, I am starting to really like this phone.

The Blue tooth doesn’t seem to connect AT ALL to any other device- computer, other cell phone, and I have no idea what the problem is.

I use my computer and upload any photos I want to gmail.  Then I pull those photos off of gmail using my IPhone. That is how I download the photos right into my IPhone.

For ringtones, I use the ITunes application on my computer to transfer any songs or ringtones I want to my IPhone. I drag them to the music spot on ITunes NOT the ringtone spot.

Then on my IPhone, I go to my music library and those songs are easily turned into ringtones via the garage band app.

All day yesterday, I was acquiring photos for my contacts and making ringtones.  Later today, I am going to personalize all my contacts.

For dinner,

I am having pizza and apple pie.




February 22, 2018

I haven’t written this blog in a little over a month-

I can’t believe it has been THAT long.

This blog will have a little of everything-

First of all, I am SO sick of the endless rain that has been going on for days ALL DAY LONG. I have to take the dogs out with a leash instead of hooking them up to their chain and letting them walk around the yard at their leisure to do their business.

Lately, I have to take my umbrella out there and take the dogs out. And, let’s face it- umbrellas really don’t keep you dry.

I get wet. The dogs get wet.

My husband also gets wet while working his parking lot job at Walmart. So, every night, when he comes home at 11:00 at night, I have to dry his coat. He comes home like a drowned rat.

I do not like rain!

I was recently inspired to try a new dish called Steak Pizzaiola. I got a 2.57 pound chuck roast and will be starting that meal after I write this blog and do some dishes.

I guess my husband and I will eat dinner when he gets home tonight after his shower around 11:30 at night.

I saw a movie today and it is so good. It has such heart, something I did not expect from ANY Hollywood movie. Heck, I found it better than some Christian movies I have seen.

I do plan on purchasing this movie and adding it to my husband’s and my Christian movie collection.

Here is a trailer for the movie-





January 20, 2018

I have been feeling for a little while now to take a break from this daily blog.

I am not saying I will never add a new entry again.

But, I feel not to make it a point that I have to do one every single day. If I am led to write for share something, I will. If I have nothing much to say, then I will simply not post a blog that day, instead of saying that “I don’t have much to say today”.

I have been grasping for straws lately trying to find something to say, so I can have an entry for every single day.

I have been feeling worn out lately. It is hard to find the time every single day to post a new entry.

So, I will simply write when I have something to say and not write when I don’t.


January 19, 2018

My husband got a coaching today for not keeping the bay full.

I just knew Walmart was going to make excuses like they did last time and not let my husband move into the store.

A few years ago, my husband was an unloader. He wanted to move to another position in the store because the unloading position was too hard on his body. He was getting hurt all the time.

And, he had every right to move to a different position. All employees are able to change positions after 6 months and my husband was there for over a year. Still, though, this one supervisor would not let him change. There was excuse after excuse and he would not let my husband change position.

So, my husband up and quit. Well, he was rehired at Walmart because the manager at the time, who was a decent human being, knew what they put my husband through and did not hold against my husband how he quit- He did not give them 2 weeks notice.

So, now, here we go again. It is going on 2 years, my husband is trying to move into the store, because, at 40 years old, his body is not working like a 20 year old’s and the parking lot is a bit harsh for him.

Well, he was to wait until October of last year for some coachings to clear off. You can’t change positions within a Walmart or transfer to any other Walmart if you have a coaching. Well, the coachings dropped off and my husband did not get any other coaching.

Then, in October, he was told that he had to wait til after the holidays to move into the store.

Then, some moron who doesn’t want to work, always telling his fellow employees that he “is not about that”, complains about my husband 3 times, all false allegations, and my husband is not allowed to move into the store because he needs to change his attitude.

THEN, tonight- my husband gets a coaching because his bay isn’t full!

He gets hardly any help, does his best, and gets an actual coaching.


My husband is not the only one who gets coachings so that Walmart can keep people where they want them and not let them change positions, when it is, not only allowed, but encouraged!

Needless to say, we both have called every phone number there was, went as high as we could past this local Walmart and told these people EVERYTHING!

I am not expecting much, as I am under the notion that Walmart is probably one of the worst places to work. They are known to treat their employees like garbage.

Still, though, it was freeing to vent and tell someone what is going on.

It is vindicating to stand up for yourself and those you care about, even if you are not sure if it will make a difference or not.

If things don’t change, I plan on making a lot more phone calls til they do.


January 17, 2018

My husband got a minor case of frostbite on his toes yesterday.

He went to work with rubber rain boots and 2 pairs of socks.

If it wasn’t for a kind co-worker who bought my husband some feet warmers, it would have been much worse.

This morning, we bought him a pair of insulated boots for work and we put it on a credit card.