August 16, 2017

After working an 8 hour shift at the grocery store, my feet hurting, I took my shoes off when my husband picked me up from work with the two dogs.

On our way home, we stopped at the pet store to get our babies their bag of Wild Blue dog food.

I stayed in the minivan because I was tired and my husband went in to get the food.

Well, after two failed attempts to purchase the right Wild Blue, I had to get my shoes back on and go get the right one.

He bought Wild Blue- Healthy Weight. Then, he came back to the minivan with Wild Blue-Bison in the wrong color bag.  Finally, I had to march on into the pet store and do one final exchange and get the Wild Blue- Adult.

My husband got every Wild Blue located near the one we always get- BUT, the one we always get.

It is true-

Sometimes, you need to do things yourself, if you want it done right.

August 11, 2017

I was shopping for my lady that I help as a PCA- Personal Care Assistant and the manager  of Walmart came up to me and told me that, if I was still interested in being a greeter, a position was opening up over the holidays. (I had been interviewed as a cashier months ago and that didn’t work out, so I asked him to keep me in mind as a greeter).

Now the dilemma- I just started working for Walmart’s competition, and it was frowned upon to work for Walmart if I worked at the grocery store.

I am going to fill out my online application at Walmart; and, when and if I get that phone call- I will see what I am able to do at that time.