February 12, 2017-

Today,  I start this blog…

This blog will be about my life, and the day-to-day adventures that I experience in this crazy world.  Some days, the title of my blog will prove genuine- that I am really enjoying life on earth.  And, some days, the title will be presented in a sarcastic light when things don’t go so well for me.

Life is one big roller coaster ride with its ups and downs, moments that make you laugh and cry.  This time in my life, I feel the need to get out in words my day-to-day trials and victories.

I did mean to start the blog yesterday.  But, I didn’t get around to it til right now, a day later.  And, yes this day is almost over, as I begin this blog at 10:12 at night.

I do feel the need to share an incident that happened yesterday… yesterday morning to be exact.  For those of you who don’t know- I have a puppy.


My husband and I actually have two dogs, both rescues.  But, this one, in particular, going on 2 years, is still quite a handful.  I often refer to him as “Pac-ly”, (his real name being Charlie), because his mouth is so much like the beloved 80’s arcade game icon.  Yes, this dog, puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, and I mean EVERYTHING- everything of mine, that is.  He doesn’t eat anything of my husbands, yet, he chewed on pretty much every pair of shoes I have, my cellphone, my glasses, the couch- the pillows are all lopsided in funny looking shapes, after I had to sew them back up with some stuffing missing.  The two blankets the dogs sit on in the living room have holes in them…when we first got him as a 3 1/2 month old puppy, we were so good to the little guy.

We bought him a brand new dog cage to put him in when we couldn’t be around to watch him and make sure he wasn’t chewing on anything.  We put blankets in his cage and a sheet on top of it to keep him extra warm.  We gave him about 30 plush stuffed animal toys.  And he chewed holes in the blankets and sheets, so now he has only the cage with the black plastic tray. Yes, he did it to himself!

He destroyed, ripped to shreds all 30 toys in a little under a week – ALL of them!

He ate Yoda, that plush dog toy.  He actually pooped him out in the course of a couple days.  One day, we saw Yoda’s clothes, the next day, his head, and so on.

Well, lately, we have been having an issue with the toilet paper roll. Since Charlie has grown to be a 71 pound dog, he can get that roll of toilet paper no matter where we put it- except for the closet.  The only problem is- I keep forgetting to grab the roll of toilet paper BEFORE I go to the bathroom.

Well, yesterday, I forgot, like I often do, and left the toilet paper out on the counter.  And, while preoccupied in my bedroom with a clothing malfunction, Charlie ate half of roll of toilet paper.  After a call to the vet, I had to make him vomit, and out came gobs of toilet paper “curds”.

So, now, I am trying real hard to put the toilet paper in the closet when I don’t need it and take it back out, when I do.

So, that was yesterday.

Now, today…

Not much happened today.  We have a lovely $336 electric bill, so we needed help paying the bill.  A local church said they would help with $150 of it, so that was very nice.  I will still see if I can’t get even more help with that bill.  I need to make a few phone calls tomorrow.

Financially, we are needing me to get a job and I am looking, sending my resume all over online.

And, I am still finishing up with a 22 year project- a book.  So, that is taking some time to work on that too.

Getting there slowly but surely.


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