The only thing on my mind at the moment is the incident I recently heard about where a truck driver hit/ran over some protestors on the freeway.

The way I see it, if ANYONE is that stupid to stand in the middle of ANY road/street where vehicles are driving by, especially at fast speeds; then, well, hey- use your brain and figure out what the consequences  may be.

I feel sorry for the truck driver who was simply trying to get from point A to point B and now he has to get a lawyer and deal with something that he would normally not have to deal with if some crap for brains idiots weren’t standing in the middle of the freeway trying to prevent people from getting to and from work on time, as well as doctor’s appointments, picking kids up from school, etc.

These mindless morons need to be arrested and thrown in jail for trying to prevent people from getting where they need to be.  I say- tell the folks in their vehicles to shut their windows and skunk spray those protesters.

That will get them to move off the streets real fast!




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