Sorry, this blog is a little late.  But, since I want to do one every day, here it is-

Today’s blog, (actually, yesterday’s)-

I go online and see EVERY day, things like what the following photos show-

Protestors dressed as vaginas-

Protestors taking their pants down and mooning a Trump building-

Mass mooning Katy Schlake_1486937243596_2741238_ver1.0.JPG

Protestors standing in the middle of a busy freeway blocking traffic-


Protestors smashing in windows-


A protestor setting a Trump supporter’s hair on fire-


A protestor putting a used feminine product in a Pro-Life supporter’s mouth-


     When I see what is going on in the world, I get an uneasy, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  You have the political Libtards.  You have the celebrity Libtards.  Then, you have the general population of Libtards, which are the most dangerous.

     There is a clear distinction in society today.  You have good and you have evil.  You have those who value God, Country, and Family.  And, you have those who seem to have no morals and values, whatsoever; those, who are turning this country into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

     I laugh at their protesting motto- “Love Trumps Hate”. They are the most hateful group out there after Isis, of course.  They have no idea why they are protesting, what they are protesting for. They just want some attention directed at themselves.  They are just evil.

     I fear there will come a time when Christians aren’t going to take it anymore and fight back with righteous anger, defend their faith, and stand up for what they believe in. If these protestors don’t cool it, we will have a pretty ugly situation.  We will see vigilantes on both sides, ordinary people going after each other.

      I don’t see anything but division.  I don’t see how there will ever be anything but division.  The battle lines are clearly drawn.  There are two opposing sides, both determined to fight for what they believe in…

May God be with us.

May God protect us from those mentally disturbed demon possessed zombies who will stop at nothing to get their way, stop at nothing to turn this world into the satanic new world order they so desperately, knowingly and unknowingly, are helping to bring to pass.


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