Today’s rant…

Well, I am sick of libtards failing to see the difference between immigrants and ILLEGAL immigrants.  What part of illegal do they not understand?  Illegal means it is AGAINST THE LAW.  You are a criminal. You should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, NOT rewarded for breaking the law.  America is NOT against immigrants. We are against those immigrants who refused to come here legally, who had no regard for our laws and did what they pleased.  It is sickening to see illegal immigrants get ANYTHING and EVERYTHING from our country, when they shouldn’t even be here to begin with.

I can’t believe that there are US citizens defending illegals and saying that it is perfectly fine for those who broke the law to remain in this country; and, they should not have to suffer any consequences for their behavior.

I can’t believe that the Mexican president thinks he is going to fight against having his own citizens deported back to their own country (his country). Why the heck do we have to pay for them?   It is not for America to pay for his people and give them a free ride!!! How dare he think he can push them off on us. Pay for your own people, you dishonorable, freeloading scrod!

They want to fly their own flag, speak their own language, in OUR country.  They have NO desire, WHATSOEVER, to become legal.  They want to remain illegal, yet cash in on all the freebies.  I am extremely happy that MY President is doing something about this.  If you break the law, then you need to be punished, not rewarded.  If you are in this country illegally, then you need to go back to the country you came from and come back again the right way, go through the proper channels, fill out they right paperwork, wait your turn.

It is time that America is finally demanding respect and not lying down and letting the rest of the world walk all over her.  Hooray for the first president in a LOOONNNNNNGGGGGG TIME who has brains and a backbone!

I totally support you. I totally stand with you.  I am so excited to see you fixing all that is wrong in this country!

God bless you!  May God protect you and your family!

What God has ordained, NO MAN can stand against.

You go, President Trump!








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