Had a little change of plans…

After a call to my local City Hall, we decided together that the whole town was getting sick of politics and we decided not to have any kind of rally. The way I see it- we should have had something like that before the election, not after.

Yes, I do want to get on with my life, even though, every single day, there is still SOMETHING going on having to do with SOME protestor SOMEWHERE.

As far as everyday life…

I am still looking for a job.  Need one desperately.  After you run the credit cards up to the max, what do you do then? Sick of struggling.

Now, onto rain…. I do NOT like  rain.  I know we need to have it for crops to grow.  But, who in the world loves to get sopping wet, muddy, splashed on by cars???

And, if you have dogs, it gets even better! First of all, dogs DO NOT like to do their business in the rain. And, I do not blame them.  They sit there and sit there, and they get wet.  You get wet. And, still- NOTHING.  Then you have to go out there again, because they didn’t go the first time, or second, or third…

Charlie got me good today.  He loves to run on his chain and he loves running in the mud, especially when we have puddles (in the mud).  He runs around in a circle, round and round and, of course, his feet and legs get muddy.  His stomach gets muddy.   And, then I get muddy.  Today, when I was trying to clean his feet, he ripped the paper towel out of my hand and went running around in circles with it in his mouth. Then, I took a bucket of water out there to clean his feet, and he was afraid  of the bucket. And, then, he ran around the yard a half dozen more times.


Then our other dog, Roka- He is a digger.  It is bad enough when he digs in good weather, but when it is raining out… OOOOHHHH the mud! He was having a grand ole time out there today in his latest pastime called- “Trying to dig himself to China”.


Can’t wait til the sun comes out again and the yard drys up.


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