This blog will have a little of everything in it.

I will jump around a bit, as I wanted to discuss some of these items sooner, but they didn’t seem to fit into any of the other previous blogs.  This blog will be a “catch all”, if you will.  So, here it goes-

Topic number one- Mayonnaise

Who would have ever thought adding a teaspoon or two to your cookie or cake batter would make your baked goods taste so good?  But, it does.  It works.  It is now my secret ingredient.  Think about it- You have eggs and (soybean) oil in mayonnaise, two main ingredients in baked goods- eggs and some kind of fat, either butter or oil.  I used it for my banana cake a little while ago.  And, I used it for my sugar cookies last night. And, both turned out absolutely delectable.

Topic number two- I am getting REAL fed up with my neighbor’s outside cats pooping in our mulch!

I know I can use moth balls, but those things stink.  That is really not an option for me.  But, I need to think of some way to make it so those nasty little life forms stop using my beautiful, actually, our landlord’s beautiful red mulch as a toilet.  It is SSSOOOOO gross, absolutely disgusting to see little turds in the mulch.  Hey, cats- Our mulch is NOT your litter box! EEEWWWWW!  OK, done ranting on that one.

Topic number three- Called up an old EX boyfriend to see if he could help me get a job…

NO, I do not mean one involving sexual favors! I mean a real job.  And, yes, my husband knows about this.  This EX boyfriend and I go back years and years and years ago. I was 18 and he was 35.  He lived on a lake.  He was a real estate agent.  I was the secretary of that office…. OK, enough with the trip down memory lane…

Anyway, I always remembered that this guy had a real head for business and I could use any help I can get to try to get a job somewhere.  I am so sick of struggling.  He did give me a name and a number and it sounds like it could go somewhere.  A business type thing and I would get free training.   Hope it works out.  I also have my application in at a Pizza place and the two other jobs I have as a babysitter and PCA (Personal Care Assistant), I need to get more kids and people.

It will all work out. I believe that.  Just knocking on doors to see which ones will open for me.

And, some links I want to share-

This one is quite interesting.  It has several posts about what is going on in the world.

This link has to do with a Blast from the Past.  I forgot my babies (songs I wrote awhile back) were still out there in cyberspace.

Some are better demos than others.


Here’s the breakdown of the eleven songs according to genre-

He’s Right There- Christian Contemporary

I Woke Up in the 80’s- Novelty Pop

Be Yourself-Pop

Butterfly- Easy Listening/Pop

God Bless Him- Pop

Leave Me-Techno/Dance

This Boy and This Girl Country/Pop

Just One Night- Pop, Special Interest- Teen Pregnancy

Johnny and Emily-Country/Pop

Bless Our Soldiers- Patriotic

Salsa Nights- Pop


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