Today was another beautiful day, a little cooler than Wednesday, but still perfect for another mini road trip with the furbabys.  Well, it is now evening and I haven’t seen either one of the dogs for hours.  They didn’t even eat yet. They may very well sleep til the next day… It is amazing what a little fresh air will do to the most wired of canines.

Last night I stepped on the scale and had to do, not a double take, but a triple take-  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing?  The number, whoah… I knew I was gaining a few pounds, but I had no idea how many pounds were sneeking onto my thighs and derrière.  A couple months ago, I gave my size 6 and 8 pants to charity and then bought size 12’s. And, I’ve also been living in sweat pants, lately. The thought of zippers and buttons on a pair of jeans sends me into a frenzy.

Now, I can fit into a 10 if I squeeze into them, but I got 12’s all with some stretch to them because I wanted to be REAL comfortable.  After yesterday’s discovery, my husband and I have a little plan we are going to follow. This includes things like portion control, as well as eating the right foods.  And, I am aware you can have tiny portions of the wrong foods, as long as the majority of your diet includes the right foods.

So, that is my latest “project”-  Changing my eating habits that, hopefully, will render me a heck of a lot lighter in the months to come.  I admit, I went wild on the butter, sour cream, gravy,  cheese, and homemade baked goods.  Yes, I am a Paula Deen fan. And, lately, it has REALLY become evident. Just recently, I discovered how delectable sour cream in scrambled eggs can be. Yes, I found that tasty tidbit from the butter queen herself. Just stir a teaspoon or two of sour cream into your scrambled eggs, a little salt; and, if you desire, pepper for taste.  You don’t even need milk if you use the sour cream.  They are ultra yummy.

As Spring approaches, my husband and I will continue to take the family for walks around the lake.  That should satisfy the exercise portion of the diet.  That is, pretty much, all the exercise this girl is going to do.  I don’t believe in going to the gym.  I feel I do enough working out lugging around the overstuffed laundry basket and doing all the chores around the house.

If you ask me if I would consider running…

Well, no, I don’t run.  Pretty much my take on running is this- I only run when chased.

I believe  I will be able to reach my goal, since I did it before.  I had to lose close to 20 pounds in about 2 months to fit into my wedding dress.  And, I did it! That baby zipped up, barely… but it did!

I will sign off with something that I feel to share.  I live by two main mottos-

Be Yourself and Do Your Best.

And, I believe, you will have a very successful existence.


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