Not much to tell today…

The babies didn’t eat at all yesterday. After their great excursion to the lake, they slept all day into the night.  They finally ate at 8:00 this morning. They are both rescues. They love each other so much- These little fur-brothers.


I went to the resale shop today.  I did pretty well. I got the clothes in the pictures below, as well as another pair of black pants, and another long sleeve white shirt identical to the ones shown. I also got a short sleeve white shirt. I got all this stuff for $25.00!


I was able to download some of my songs that I had on a website for years and forgot about.  I actually threw the songs in the garbage thinking they would never go anywhere.  Well, since I am still alive, there is hope.  I think I’ll share my music with people and see what happens.  I am not a singer.  I am a songwriter. I am looking for people to record my songs if they like them.

Maybe one day…


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