This blog is going to be about balance-

Life needs to be balanced.  When it is, we experience less stress and more enjoyment.  We are most fulfilled.  We are the happiest.

There are several areas of my life that I have to include every day

Prayer, reading the Bible, listening to worship music, and fellowshipping with other Christians

Spending time with family and friends, especially my husband

Creative things, such as writing, music, special projects

Chores that need to get done in the house, such as cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, taking care of the dogs

Things I do out of the house such as errands, little car trips with the dogs, visits with people

A job where I am feeling fulfilled and earning money

When I combine all these elements together, there is balance.  I am doing a variety of things and I don’t feel overwhelmed with any one thing. This is when I feel the healthiest both emotionally and physically.


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