Wake up call…

I WILL NOT compromise my values for NOTHING!

I have expressed in this blog that I am in need of a financial increase.  However, I am not one to pursue money at any means necessary.  I was very hopeful that I would get to work a job that sounded really good at first- work-at-home, be your own boss, perform office-like tasks.

But, in a matter of two days, I began to see- this job is NOTHING like I thought. I thought I would be making a few phone calls, helping out with a few tasks on the computer. But, as it turns out… it was so much more.  It turned out being something I cannot, in good conscience, be a part of.

I found out about this “job” through a trusted friend, so, at first I thought- this is a good thing.  Then I found out- NO!  It is not a good thing. The training I thought I would be receiving was maybe some technical things like how to learn certain computer programs, or how to more effectively work on the phone.

No- this training involved learning about how to “in a nutshell”- be YOUR OWN God.  Make the life happen that YOU want, unlock some deep genetic thing in your being to become what it is YOU want to become.

I admit, I was a little uncomfortable when I first started reading the “lessons”, and I brushed it under the rug. But, today, I just can’t deny it anymore, that the Lord is speaking to me loud and clear- this stuff is witchcraft.

As a Christian, I find this deeply disturbing and know that I can not have anything to do with this. I can not have this job. And, I cried a little at first, because I REALLY need a job.  But, I will NEVER compromise my beliefs.  I will NEVER deny Jesus or say that He is not the Lord of my life. God calls the shots. God has a plan, and I obey Him and live that plan. End of story.

So, as hard as this is going to be for me, because I don’t like confrontation and I really need money- I know I need to make that phone call and end this thing as soon as possible.  I need to get out of it NOW.

I know my husband and I will be OK.  I know God will provide somehow, be it another job or another provision from somewhere we aren’t even aware of. What is important is always doing what you know in your heart is right and obeying God at any cost.  And, everything will work out.

I believe once I get out of this thing I know God does not want me to do and close this door, another one will open- The door that GOD wants me to walk through.



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