Well, I did it.

I sent one last email to the gentleman who would have been training me, and I deleted my email account that I made specifically for that job.  I ripped up and threw away all the notes that I had taken so far.

And, I finally could breathe again. My foggy mental state started becoming clearer.  I started feeling strong again instead of like a wet noodle that a truck just ran over.  I started to feel like me again.

I wanted to write this blog.  I had time and energy to write this blog.  And, I am actually going to get this one posted in time- on the day it is supposed to be posted, not the day after.

One good night’s rest and tomorrow morning I believe I will feel completely like myself again.

God will provide somehow, someway.  I know that. In fact, He already has increased our finances for this month.

My husband recently got an unexpected raise and a bonus for this next paycheck. This month, we will have about $250 more than what we normally have.

I love the Scripture- “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want (lack)”  – Psalm 23:1

I know everything is going to be OK.



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