I am posting March 11th’s blog actually on March 12.

Yes, I am late again.

I got very involved in fixing my songs after I discovered some static in pretty much all of them.  I have been using the most awesome sound editing program- Audacity (a free download) to edit my songs.

Time got away from me again.  I actually lost one of my songs while editing it on Audacity. I have no idea where it went. One minute it was there.  And, the next- poof. It just vanished into thin air.  Thank goodness I saved a backup copy.

I thought it was getting pretty late when I saw it was 3:00. Then I remembered- daylight savings time.  Great.  It’s really 4:00.  Man, I am not going to get much sleep before I take my husband to work at 7:30.

We got snow today.  The first time in 2 years. The dogs just loved it! They ran in the snow and ate the snow balls I threw for them.

Well, this blog is done.

So, off to bed I go AFTER I do a few dishes.

Goodnight and God bless!


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