It’s 10:45 at night and I still have dishes to do, laundry to put away, and this blog to write…

Where does the time go?

I seem to NEVER have enough time.

I worked to only 4:00 today.  But, after work, I had to go to the resale shop to get some red shirts for work. I got 4 of them.  I had enough black pants- 3 pairs. But, I did get one more pair of black pants.

I got gas, went to the store, and picked up a meat lover’s pizza for my husband.

Then, I washed the clothes I got and one load of my husband’s clothes, made me a burger and baked potatoes.

And, here I am- 10:45.

I love my job.  I did pretty good on my first day.  I am scheduled 3 days this week and will be scheduled 4 days after this week.

I’m working again tomorrow, then I have 2 days off. Yay!

Signing off for now…

Going to do some dishes.


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