Random thought for the day…

As I was outside picking up after my two dogs, I thought about something my dad said to me one day (when I lived with my parents for  4 ½ years as an adult due to lack of finances).

My dad said that I was like a dung beetle….

A dung beetle.

In case you don’t know what a dung beetle is, it is a little beetle that spends hours, days, and, most likely, weeks painstakingly rolling fecal matter into a perfect bon bon-like ball of poop a couple times his size.  This little guy fascinates me greatly.  Kudos to him to spend so much time making something pretty cool out of something so undesirable.

Shamwari Wildlife


I do need to look it up and see why a dung beetle rolls balls of dung.

Anyway, getting back to my dad’s comment about me and my life…

Well, yes, at times, he is right.  At times, there will be something in my life that I keep rolling and rolling and rolling until it is a big ole ball of dung.

So, Yes, I do think dung beetles are amazing little creatures.

Hooray for the dung beetle!

You go, little dude!



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