This morning my parents were in town.

My parents live about an hour away from the town my husband and I live in.  They go to the town we live in about every other week or so to do errands, go to doctors, etc.

My parents were going to financially help my husband and I again, today. And, I didn’t want to get our money that way.  I wanted to work for it. I also didn’t want to keep going to local churches for help with our electric bills, which I did the last 3 months.

On this day, I read some Scriptures from the Book of Job in the Bible.  I felt like Job more than you know.  I started losing my finances 7 years ago when I started going to pray for people at hospitals, in store parking lots, in gas stations, etc.

That seemed to be the start of the worst of my financial problems, not to say that 14 years earlier, I got a bizarre illness where I became allergic to just about everything.  I have been struggling financially, one way or another, since 1995 when I first became a Christian.

But, I seemed to really get attacked then I started praying for people in 2009, when I believe I started to work in the ministry God called me to work in and would work in full-time with my  husband, one day- when God would bring him into my life. God brought him into my life in 2014.  We got married June, 2015.   And, ever since we got married, we have had financial struggles as well as other struggles, too, due to past abuse in both our lives.

I do not understand what keeps happening to our finances.  But, yes, God is providing- maybe not in ways I would like it to be.  But, everything we truly need, we have. So, I have a grateful heart for that.

It is very hard at times.  But, I have chosen to keep the faith, knowing that EVERYTHING else God has promised has come to pass.  And, the finances will turn around, too- WHEN and HOW God wants them to. 



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