Well, I found out why I wasn’t on the schedule to work this week at the pizza place-

I was “let go”, because I was not “the right fit”.  Whatever the H_ _ _ that means!

I have never before had any employer tell me that I was not the right kind of person to work for them when I was needing a job, worked hard at doing the job, and did absolutely nothing wrong.

I was appalled at the reason why I lost my job.  I would like to know what the “right fit” is.  I see it is a place where they have a younger crowd working there, most with multiple tatoos and  brightly colored hair.

And, well, the pizza is really not that good. And, I’m not just saying that because I was let go.  I never liked their pizza. It is like cardboard.  It is NOTHING like my beautiful deep dish pizza I make from scratch.

Yes, I was hurt.  Yes, I am getting over it.  Yes, I really liked that job and thought it was a great place to work.  And, Yes, it was one of those things that was too good to be true.

So, I get my paycheck for those three days I worked in about a week or so. It is better than nothing.

Meanwhile, I am chasing my dream.  I am going all the way with the music and I am going to see if this door will open.

I want to share my baby.  Yes, it is probably not up to par with the rest of the stuff out there.  It was “born” out of a home digital recorder and keyboard, not a multi-million dollar studio.  Yes, I am singing it.  And, no, I am not a professional singer.

I am a songwriter.  I am looking for artists to record my songs.  However, a few of them, I just decided to promote myself with me as the artist until that happens.  Not thinking that I can get very far with me singing them or my makeshift attempt to produce a recording that will render anything worthwhile.

Still, I like to play against the odds. I like to see miracles happen, which it will be if any of my 7 babies end up going anywhere someday.

This is my favorite.  I like this song the best. And, it has pretty good marketability-


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