This blog is a little late…

But, here is Friday’s entry-

My parents have always helped me physically all my life- things I need, money, etc.  But, with their help, always comes a price. They think, if they help me; or, right now in my life, my husband and I, they have a right to control us, MAKE me go get a job they want me to get. 

In case they haven’t figured it out yet, I have tried to get job after job, and it just doesn’t seem to be working for me.  Yes, I am still going to try.  But, along with trying to get a worldly job, I am also, at the same time, feeling led to have prayer meetings like my husband and I used to have- AGAIN.

Part of the ministry God said my husband and I would have someday would involve holding meetings where anyone who wanted to come, would be able to come together and worship Jesus, read the Bible, and pray for each other like a home church- but, outside, so other people can join us if they want to. This meeting will be like Jesus’ Church when He would have  Church anywhere and everywhere.

So many people I have run into, see the hypocrisy, like my husband and I do, about church buildings.  First of all, most of them, if not all, are 501 C 3 corporations- a business with a businessman (the pastor) running them.  Churches, these days, are all about money.

My husband and I know we are not the only ones who know the truth- What is going on in church buildings today is NOT the Church Jesus started over 2,000 years ago.  And, we want to be a part of only the true Church, and we will be. 

At these meetings, there will be no rules, regulations, legalism, a one man dictator; and, most importantly, there will be NO MONEY INVOLVED, WHATSOEVER.

The Holy Spirit will be free to move as He desires, NO restrictions by man.

And, everyone will be allowed to participate in an orderly fashion. Jesus’ true Church was a team effort.  All who come to these meetings will be allowed to share their spiritual gifts. People will be able to pray for each other.  They will be able to share their testimonies.  They will be able to share a song or Scripture, etc.

We started calling people to see if we will have our first meeting in the near future. 













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