Thought for the day-

The world is so much bigger than we think.

Because I have no job at the moment, since I was “let go” from the pizza place last week for no apparent reason; (I was not the “right fit”, they said), I have been keeping myself busy until I find another job. And, Yes, I am actively looking for another job.

I have found myself going on YouTube, watching videos from people all over the world.  I have seen different physical features, heard different accents, been inspired by different clothing styles, etc.  And, it hits me- the world is SO much bigger than I think.

I start to think outside the box and realize that, all my life, I was used to people in my town, or my state, or my country; and, I have lived inside a shell believing that all people look the same and talk the same.  And, well, they don’t.  And, that is a good thing.

It is interesting and exciting to meet different people all over the world and learn about them and from them.

As a child, I once had pen pals from all over the world, several pen pals from several different countries.  And, it was so much fun.

When my husband and I looked at the house we were renting for the first time, the thing that was most interesting about this house was the huge map of the world that was actually wall paper that covered a whole entire wall.

Lately, I have walked into that room and just stared at the map. Man, the United States is SO small compared to the rest of the world.  And, then I think… I want to know more.  I want to see more. I want to experience more possibilities. I want to meet more people from places I never knew existed.

I first became aware of the vastness of possibilities when I started pursuing my music again and I realized, that, yeah, maybe I will never get anywhere with my music in my town, or my state, or even my country. But, that doesn’t mean that people in another country won’t like my music. And, so, via the internet, I am submitting my songs to radio stations in other countries, putting my songs on various websites so that people in other countries will be able to hear them.

I have lived a very sheltered existence all my life.  I think many people do.  But, there is such a big world out there, that if we can connect with people in other places, places we don’t know much about, places we sometimes don’t even know exist, then the world gets smaller.

The people in the world get closer and we start to see less of our differences and more of our similarities. We see each others’ humanity. We see what everybody needs is the same- Love, acceptance, the ability to express one’s self, the desire to connect with other people, the fundamental need to be who God created each one of us to be and to share the gifts that each of us have with others.  Helping each other and sharing our gifts is what makes the world a better place.

We are all sewn together by a common thread.  And, many times, it will be in our most challenging hours, that we realize this truth- While we are all uniquely different, we, are still, also all the same.

And, we must never forget that each and every moment that we have on this earth, we have the potential to make the world either better or worse one interaction at a time. The words we use.  The things we do.  And, the choice is ours alone. Heart-Shaped-World1


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