Sorry this blog is late-

Today’s entry- I can’t believe how worn the couch (loveseat) is looking after the dogs play on it all the time.  Yes, it was a “hand-me-down”, but there are now strips of fabric coming undone.  And,  I have to snip them with scissors.

I tried covering the loveseat with a blanket.  But, within weeks, the blanket looks like swiss cheese because the two dogs keep playing tug-of-war with it.  Plus, Charlie eats bits of blanket whenever I’m not looking.


I have already gone through 3 of the same blanket.  And, each time, when one gets too damaged, I cut around the edges to make it uniform in shape and then it goes into Roka’s room.  He doesn’t care what the blankets look like.  And, besides, he and Charlie are the ones who ruin all the blankets.




I saw my sweet lady yesterday, who I used to help as a PCA- Personal Care Assistant.  I saw her at the nursing home she lives in.  That was a treat.

Something I am very concerned about- Our newest rescue, Roka, is still very scared to drink water from his water bowl.  I even put water in other bowls.  And, it doesn’t make any difference.  He waits until he is extremely parched to get any water at all.



I often see him drinking drops of water off the blades of grass in the morning.  I have no idea what the other people did to that dog, with regards to the water situation.  We believe he came from a drug home.

I use the same exact bowl for his food and he has no problem eating his food out of the bowl.  He is not afraid of water.  He loves baths with the shower head.  And, when we take him to the lake, he runs into the lake and starts gulping the water.  It’s just something about water in bowls he is scared of.


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