When you don’t have a job, it is easy to get bored and spend money you don’t have.

Yes, I found myself at Goodwill today.  And, 4 pieces of clothing kept calling my name.  I did put about 7 other items of clothing back on the rack.  So, I ended up putting $12.50 on my credit card.

Here is what I bought-

Two blouses and two tops to go under these sheer, see through blouses-



The clothes are wrinkled in the photos.  I did already wash and dry them and they are now wrinkle-free in my closet hanging, ready to be worn.

The peachy coral and white polka dotted blouse is a normal blouse.  I just folded the sleeves in hopes that you could see the cute little button on the top part of the sleeve.  But, I don’t think it shows too well on the pictures.

I just love the print on the other blouse and the the mauve color of the top that goes under it.

I do feel that those two blouse sets, I really needed.  Yes, I have not been feeling the best about myself lately, with the whole being rejected thing- being fired from a job I just started for no reason at all…

And, I am no spring chicken anymore. I am 45 years old.  I still am struggling with my diet, not able to lose many pounds. And, most days, I am at home being a mom to my two furbabies.  My style is “Ragmuffin”.

My favorite clothes are t-shirts and sweatpants with either gym shoes or flip flops, my hair up off my shoulders in a twisted bun held by a hair clip.

Yes, I am in SERIOUS need of a makeover.

This is the most recent picture I have. It was taken about 6 months ago-


I admit-  I often post pictures of myself that were taken YEARS ago on various websites when I believe I looked a lot better than I do now.

But, I know I am not the only one who does that.  I personally know several people in person, and their pictures on Facebook and other social websites- well they also look much younger and thinner in those pictures- LOL

I looked at myself in the mirror of the resale shop today, and, well, I just didn’t feel attractive at all.  I am pleasingly plump.  My complexion is nowhere what it used to be.  And, my hair is on the frizzy side.  Glasses… Yeah, I wear glasses, (but, not in pictures).

And, I am wearing my glasses that have pit-marks in them, thanks to Charlie.  I did get a brand new pair of glasses about 2 months ago, but those babies are in a plastic glasses case in my dresser drawer.  I am saving those.  I do not want Charlie to eat those!  Maybe when he grows up a little more, I will take my chances.

Yes, my style or lack of style is frumpy.  Actually, I don’t even think I have a style.  I simply put on what is clean and comfortable.  I wear clothes that have plenty of elastic and spandex.  Elastic and spandex are my best friends, lately.



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