Today’s events-

My husband cut the grass. And, then our neighbor across the street cut his grass, which he ALWAYS does, EVERY time we cut our grass.  It is kind of funny.  I guess he is just keeping up with the “Jones’s”.

Then my husband went with me to get my paycheck from the pizza place that “let me go”.  All my hours were on it and no one was rude to me.  So, it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be.

Then, I just wanted to relax this evening- take a shower, lay in bed and talk on the phone. And, the weirdest thing happened!

Both my husband’s and my cell phones would not make any outgoing calls.  I COULDN’T lay in bed and talk on the phone, because I couldn’t call anyone.

Are you kidding me???  And, both our phones, too!!!

I called customer service.  And, the agents tried their best.  And, for a short time, it seemed like both of our phones were fixed. However.  Shortly after we go off the phone with the agents, our phones would not make outgoing calls, anymore.

We could get texts.  We could receive calls.  We just couldn’t make them.

I was sure there was something wrong with our local network. I would give it til tomorrow.  And, then if my husband and I both couldn’t make outgoing phone calls, I would take both phones to our local cell phone store.


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