Well, today was interesting…

I got a call from my landlord, and he asked me if I could do three loads of his and his wife’s laundry.

His wash machine had been on a blink for a couple weeks and it still could take a few more weeks to get it fixed/replaced due to a warranty/receipt issue.

If my landlord asks us anything we help him. A little over a year ago, my husband and I had extreme lack of finances and we weren’t able to pay him much rent for 5 months. Technically, we owe him $2700. But, he said to just let it go. He never kicked us out.  He helped us.  And, then, my husband got a job and we were able to pay him full rent from that point on.

I do have it written down as something we plan to do.  If we are ever able to one day, we will pay him back with interest. Right now, my parents help us out so we can even eat. They give us money for food. I still do desperately need a job to pay our current bills

From day one, he wasn’t a landlord to us.  He was an angel, a Christian in every sense of the word.

It was an interesting experience, though- to put my landlord’s and his wife’s underwear in the washer and dryer.  LOL

I guess we are really family NOW!


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