Today we got an unexpected blessing-

It’s funny how blood family sometimes lets you down, but other people who aren’t related to you at all end up being your angels on earth.

My aunt helped my husband and I when we first got married, but she said it was a one-time-only thing.  A little while later, she told me that her and my uncle had a lot of money, but since I was 45 years old, I should be earning enough on my own, so (in other words), she simply was not going to help my husband and me anymore after that.

On this evening, when I picked my husband up from work, God, through a 19 year old co-worker of my husband’s, had blessed us with $80.00.  Apparently, my husband and two of his co-workers were talking about their paychecks this evening.  And, it came out that, after we paid our rent, we had only about $40 left over for food for two weeks.

This young man of 19 years old said that he lived with his parents and he only used his earnings for gas in his truck.  He originally gave my husband $100.  But, my husband said we couldn’t accept that amount. So, then, he gave us $80.00

I started crying and I thanked the young man and said, “God bless you.”

What incredible kindness!  I had been asking God all day long- What was going on?  Why were we still struggling financially after all this time? Why couldn’t I get a job?  Or, if I did , why was I let go?

And, then this happens, like it ALWAYS does.  I seem to not be able to get employment, yet people help us when we don’t ask for it.  I am grateful to God and these angels on earth.  But, I pray for, one day, to be blessed abundantly so my husband and I can be a blessing to others, instead of being a burden to them. I want to give, not take.  I know the proper way of saying that is RECEIVE God’s blessings. But, honestly, many times, I feel like I am taking from people who help us.  Because I feel that I should be working like my husband out of the home and earning a paycheck. And, I try and try. Yet, that door just doesn’t seem to open.


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