Today, I checked the mail.

And, there was an Easter card with a check for $100 from my parents.  Then, later, my parents came to town and my mom gave me another check for $200.

So, on this day, my parents gave my husband and me $300 for food, dog food and other things we needed. I am very grateful for this help.

Of course, I am told, yet again, that I need to get a job. I do know this.  And, every day I try to get, not just one job, but as many as I believe I can get and keep.

My parents don’t seem to believe me when I tell them, I can’t just decide I want to work at a specific job, march in there, and walk out hired. I don’t know what kind of world they live in. But, it is not that easy-  At least for me.

I have filled out MANY applications, sent MANY resumes, had MANY interviews.  Then a year and a half later, I get hired, but I find that job just isn’t going to render me the hours, stability, and environment I need- my job as a PCA- Personal Care Assistant. Plus, I was down to 2 hours every other week, anyway.

So, I quit that job to open up my availability for a “real” job.  I get a “real” job at the pizza place and I am “let go” after three days, being told I am not the “right fit”.

I keep trying, wondering why it seems like I am the last plague on earth.  There was a time in my life when I was much younger- 18.  And, wherever I applied, I got hired.  I would get EVERY job I applied for.

Now, I have NO idea why I can’t get hired for nothing.  Yeah, I could work at a gas station, fast food place- well, maybe not.  I hear it is hard to get hired at my age ANYWHERE .  I am 45 years old.

Plus, I still need a certain environment in which, after I get hired, I can actually keep the job.  I still find I need to be careful where I work, with regards to the allergies I have had for over 20 years.

The places I can work at with my health, I don’t even get considered for- schools, offices, things like that. I have gone to college. I have worked for the government.  I have been a reporter.

I know there is A LOT of competition for jobs where I live. There is not much work for people unless you want to work at a nursing home, store, or fast food place. And, most of the younger kids get hired at the stores and fast food places.  I don’t feel well in the nursing home environment with all the disinfectants, deodorizers, etc. to make those types of places smell good.

It is very challenging for me to get a job where I can get hired and, after I am hired, keep.



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