Good Friday

On this day, every year, Christians acknowledge and remember the incredible suffering and death of the Savior of the World.  The only One, who, when He rises three days later, defeats death and allows every last soul to gain eternal life through Him.

They say what is portrayed in Mel Gibson’s movie- The Passion of the Christ is still nowhere near the suffering that Jesus endured.  The flogging, the crown of thorns, the beatings, carrying the excruciating heavy cross, and the Crucifixion itself.  Jesus sweated blood before He had to endure all of this.

He was completely innocent of any wrongdoing and He chose to obey God and suffer SO MUCH so that our sins could be forgiven- So that NO human being would ever have to go to hell again and suffer for all of eternity.

God desires for ALL people to live forever.  And, there is only ONE way- Jesus Christ- accepting Him as your personal Savior.

good-friday-cross-images-5       Good-Friday-Wallpaper-06








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