Today is Resurrection Sunday.


My husband and I do NOT celebrate Easter, which includes the elements of a bunny, colored eggs, and candy.  Bunnies, colored eggs, and candy have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Jesus’ resurrection.

Easter derives its origins from pagan celebrations and rituals.  “Easter” was most likely born when the Catholic Church, in its’ desire to bring heathens into it, did not force them to surrender their idolatrous celebrations. So, the early Catholic Church leaders merged customs and practices associated with the heathens’ pagan “resurrected” god and applied them to the resurrected Son of God- Jesus.  The Catholic Church, then, combined the resurrection celebration with ancient spring fertility celebrations (rites), including the elements of eggs and bunnies.  Eggs and rabbits are symbols of fertility, since they reproduce in great numbers.

I don’t know where candy in Easter baskets for children came into the mix.  But, candy is also a part of Christmas- (edible goodies that go into a stocking) and halloween (trick-or- treating).




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