Today’s focus-

Ridding the kitchen of ants NATURALLY.

Every Spring, and I don’t care where I live, we have a lovely “epidemic” of ants on the kitchen counter tops for month or two. I usually see these unwanted guests after heavy rain during the months of March and April.

I have some small plastic storage containers sitting out by the stove and sink with cinnamon mixed with a little water to form a paste, as well as other containers with cornstarch in them.  I read that ants don’t like the smell of cinnamon and that ants will take cornmeal or cornstarch back to the queen and, when she eats the corn, she will explode. And, then, you shouldn’t see anymore ants.

I have also wiped the counter tops with vinegar water. I read they also don’t like the vinegar smell.

The past three days of rain resulted in more ants than I have seen so far this season.

I will give it a couple days.  And, then if these things don’t work, I will try peppermint tea bags and fresh lemon peels that I will place on some plates and add to my collection of “de-anting” agents.

It will be an interesting concoction, as a lemony, pepperminty, cinnamon smell will waft through the kitchen.  But, hey, I am willing to try ANYTHING natural to rid the house of those nasty little things.


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