The dogs were not good today. They have been acting out because they didn’t get to do much outside lately.  It was cold and rainy these past few days.

Roka tore up the corner of his bed, because he was mad we didn’t take him when I dropped my husband off for work. I couldn’t take the dogs because I had to get a few things at the store.

I had to stick the foam back in his bed and sew it up.

Today, I switched over all my stuff to the new computer. I am so glad computers have separate screens, separate accounts and users, so you can customize your own desktop theme and icons, etc. My husband has his own user profile, and I have mine.

As I get to know Windows 10, I am finding it is pretty cool. I just hated having to give up my Windows Vista.  But, it was a dinosaur. It had become extinct.



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