Today, wasn’t the best day.

I didn’t get the job at Wally-World (Walmart) because they won’t let me do 4 hour shifts, which is all I can handle with my health.

And, my husband and I spent all day trying to find somewhere we could take a stray dog that was roaming around our neighborhood.

I was so afraid this dog would wander into our yard when my dogs were outside on their chain.

I wasn’t sure how the interaction would go, and I didn’t want any of them to get hurt.

I made countless phone calls.  And, towards the end of the day, we thought the dog was our neighbor’s dog, and they moved out of their home two months ago. I called the real estate agent on the sign in front of her house. And, the real estate agent tracked our neighbor down.

Our neighbor came to her old house and told us that the dog we found was not her dog. But, thank goodness, she ended up putting him in her car and taking him home with her. She said she knew a few people who could help this dog.

The poor dog was covered in ticks and it looked like he had been thrown out of a car, tossed out onto the streets, dumped like a pile of garbage. OOOHHH that burns me up!!!!

How can ANYONE be so cold and heartless to do that to an animal?????

Our little Roka, we believe, was tossed out onto the streets by his previous owners.  And, a girl found him and we found the girl and him at Wamart. She was outside, looking for a home for him last November, because her landlord wouldn’t let her have a big dog.  I was supposed to give her a ride to the Humane Society, since she didn’t have a car.  But, I ended up bringing him home. And, he has been with us ever since.

Roka had scabs all over his back legs, a burn mark on his leg where the fur didn’t grow back for months.  He was a little skinny.  He had been shot with a pellet gun and the pellet was still inside his fatty tissue by his chest.  He was also afraid to drink water.

He has made an amazing recovery from his previous living situation.  And, I am also happy to report that, as of a couple weeks ago, he has a new behavior.

He goes into the kitchen when he is thirsty and I fill up a bowl with ice and filtered water.  And, when I put it on the floor, he immediately drinks his water.  This is a tremendous breakthrough.







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