I think there is a jealousy issue going on at the place where I babysit.

I find it very hard to believe that five months IN A ROW, the person who does payroll just can’t seem to remember to put my paycheck aside and let me come pick it up, instead of mailing it, when my employer gave me the option of doing so.

My employer has repeatedly told this person over and over again to not mail my paycheck, but she keeps on doing it. Either this person is extremely incompetent or she simply does not care. But, I think it is more that she is simply trying to “stick it to me”, because, I get the feeling, she doesn’t think I should be getting paid at all.

This particular job- Yes, I get paid even when there are no children to watch. I would love to watch children and get paid even more money.  But, when there aren’t any, I get paid to simply be available. I am on retainer.

This has to be the reason why I just can’t get this person to leave my paycheck at the office so I can come get it- when I need that paycheck.

This past time, my employer found out she mailed it on Thursday. And, I didn’t get it til Monday. So, I had to dip into my bank account that had the money for my cell phone minutes, which went out on Sunday.  Since my husband was not working Sunday, I just used his phone for the day.  We used the $34.00 for food and things we needed on Sunday.

Come this morning- Monday, yes, my paycheck was in my mailbox, and then, I got my cell phone minutes.

It took a tiny bit of juggling, but yeah, we managed.

Still though, my life would be a little easier, if that person wasn’t such a butt-head.


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