Today, before my husband went to work

It was my bright idea to go to the park and let the dogs run freely for a few minutes in the tennis courts, like we sometimes do.

Well, when my husband was running with Charlie (Symba), Charlie ran in front of my husband, cutting him off and causing him to come crashing to the ground.

So, just short of two hours before my husband had to go to work, he got hurt.  He was unable to work today.

It was a Saturday afternoon, so NO ONE, NO doctor was in his or her office, but when I went through the yellow pages, I found one Chiropractor who, when I called that number, he gave his cell phone number. I called that cell phone number and he answered.

We told him my husband’s symptoms and I asked if he needed to go somewhere and get something popped back in place. And, he said, “No”. And, he said there was nothing any doctor could do.  It wasn’t a broken rib.  But, a rib seemed to be separated from some cartilage.

He said to put some ice on it and wrap it up and time would have to heal that injury.

This saved us hundreds of dollars and a 5 hour wait in the emergency room, the place my husband thought he had to go. And, no one would have been able to help us anyway. The emergency room would have just referred us to a Chiropractor anyway, and we wouldn’t get in to see ANY doctor til Monday.

This was a divine appointment from God, help, a blessing.  This man was in another state. We weren’t a patient of his. Yet, he helped us- for free.

He even said that, if he was at home, he would have seen us and helped my husband in person, if there was anything he could do. That, to me is none other than one of our MANY angels God has given us on this earth.

God is SO good!


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