Yesterday, we went by the place where my husband and I got married close to two years before.

Wedding Pic

And, the place looked like chocolate milk.  The water was extremely brown as far as the eye could see.  I cried at how disgusting that place looked.

Every body of water looked like that because of the tremendous amount of rain we got about a week before. We had recently gotten water shoes and towels to take the dogs swimming. And, now, no one was going swimming for God knows how long, because the water had gotten so dirty and contaminated too.

The porta potties got flooded.  And, so, now, there was human feces in the water supply.
And, it wasn’t just one porta potty.  It was MANY- from ALL the lakes and rivers that got flooded.

It would be awhile before ANYONE would be able to enjoy our many bodies of water again.


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