Last night I saw a vacancy was posted for a job I had applied for and had even interviewed for about 4 months ago.   And, now, not just one position was open, but two.

When I applied about 4 months ago, the interview seemed to go well. But, I didn’t get hired that time around. I decided to re-submit my resume a second time.  And, I got a phone call this morning, went for the interview- again. And, this time, I was told I was hired.

It turns out, yes the employer liked me, but because of two stupid little things (to me), I was passed over the first time, either looking like I was a bit crazy or simply rude.

Yes, I called the pastor to see if I could use him as a reference. And, no, it was not during the interview.  It was before the interview when I was filling out the application. My employer was in another room waiting for me to fill the application out.  But, today, it came out that she thought I was making a personal call instead of filling out the application.

Then, during the interview, she said I was looking at my watch.  I was not looking at the time, as she thought I was where it looked to her that I wanted to be anywhere else but the interview.  NO.  I was a bit nervous for this would be my first real full-time job in 20 years, since I got sick.

So, every now and then, I did glance down, and, yes, my watch was pretty.  My aunt gave it to me.  I am a creative person.  And, I loved the butterflies and pink roses on it, which, both of those things meant something to me.

So, after all this stuff came out, I was blessed to be given a second chance.  I was blessed that I had a chance to explain myself.  And, I am very blessed that she said that she felt she should give me a chance, that there were a lot of good things she saw in me too that would be an asset for this job.

It was for a collections job.  And, I knew all too well what it was like to not have money and have bills that you have no idea how you will ever be able to pay. Yes, I had the empathy.  I had the compassion.

This employer was a Christian, which was so cool. We were even allowed to pray for people we called.

I felt 4 months ago, that this job was for me.  I would be very good at it. I would really like it.  But, the thing I will like most of all is that my husband and I would not have to get money from other people, anymore.  I hated being a burden to other people.  I wanted to give, not take from anyone.

My husband had also recently discussed with his employer the option of taking a managerial position, which would mean more money. Next week, they would discuss that in further detail.

My employer said that my first day would be Friday.

I am looking forward to this opportunity to help other people and have some much needed financial freedom.


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