Lately, I have been noticing we had ants in our cabinets.

But, we have no food in our cabinets- no canned goods, no cereal, no chips.

I have a bag of flour, sugar, and a few spices in a cardboard box out on the kitchen counter.

But, we have no snack food, whatsoever. We can’t afford it, not even a bag of chips. We have been living like this for 2 years ever since we got married. The frig is empty, too. And, so is the freezer.

We have water bottles, ketchup, mayo, a bottle ranch dressing, a gallon of milk and a jug of ice tea that I make my husband from scratch, in the frig- no real food, no snacks, no fruit.

The freezer is even worse- ice jugs, just ice jugs, plastic bottles filled with water and then frozen, in case we had to take the cooler and transport food for a day trip, etc.  But, we never go anywhere. There is never any food in the freezer.  Well, occasionally there is one container of ice cream- that’s it.

Well, anyway, getting  back on track… I noticed those pesky ants we had for awhile now this year, were also in the cabinets and the only thing in the cabinets was a bottle of vitamins, a box of natural flu remedy, and Cold-eeze.

Well, the box of Cold-eeze was loaded with ants.  They ate holes in the wrapper and were inside the individually wrapped lozenges.  I unwrapped the lozenge and there were 5-6 ants walking around the lozenge itself.  They even ate holes IN the lozenge. Half the lozenge was gone!

The good news is, after I got rid of that box of Cold-eeze, there is now nothing in that cabinet anymore that is attracting those suckers.  So, now, we shouldn’t have ants in the cabinet anymore.

As far as the ants on my counter-top- The ones that liked to get in my box of spices and baking ingredients- we put the flour and sugar in ziploc bags a couple weeks ago, and that solved that problem. There are no more ants going by the box anymore.

We still have to nip in the bud the last batch of ants that hang around the sink.

If this rain would just stop already, then maybe they would all go back to where they came from. Every year in the Spring, because of the heavy rain, we get ants for a few months.

I need them to go NOW!

I am so sick of them.

Even now, when I am writing this blog there was an ant walking on my shirt. It must have gotten on me when I was ridding the kitchen cabinet of ants this morning.

I hate ants!



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