This was my first full day of being on the phone.  I cried most of the day and was told that most other people were not as slow as I was.

Collections is a challenge for me.  I do very well talking on the phone.  I love doing phone work.  However, doing phone work while going through numerous screens and having to pay attention to various codes, dates, etc, well, that is something that I am not sure I am cut out for.

I am a creative person. I am a writer.  I wrote many things- poems, a book; I wrote for the local newspaper years ago and got paid for it.  I even wrote songs. But, I am not able to grasp this job that many other people have no problem doing.

I REALLY need the money. But, the way I see it, it is only paying $8.50 an hour.  I can get a job flipping burgers for $8.50 an hour and probably with A LOT less stress than what I have been experiencing with this new job.

I will stay for a few more days and see if things don’t get better.  But,  while I am working there, I will be looking for another job.


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