I was let go of my job today.

It was mutual.  Both my employer and I felt that this job was just way too overwhelming for me.  I tried and tried, but I am not an analytical type person.  Numerous computer screens and codes and papers and time limits were not for me AT ALL.

I am a “Creative”.  I do creative things.  I feel.  I express emotion.  I value freedom, not extreme regamine and structure.  I write.  I write many things.  However, whenever God and me write letters- stuff happens.

Almost every letter, almost every time- The things He writes through me are SO powerful. I know one day, when it is time, the 20 year testimony He wrote through me will go somewhere.  It will be part of the ministry my husband and I are called to- someday.

My employer is a Christian.  She cried with me and hugged me and said the whole office will be praying for wisdom and guidance for me to see where God is leading me.

That is priceless.

After I got let go from this job, I found out my husband was having problems with some managers at his job.

Then we looked up in the sky and there was a rainbow. The most perfect arc of color.  It was so bold and pretty.

God was telling us and other people who also needed some hope- that everything is going to be OK.


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