I thought about who I am, what is important to me, my gifts-

I believe in always being myself, who God created me to be.

I believe in doing my best whatever I do.

I have love for God and people.

I have compassion for people.

I believe in doing whatever it is God wants me to do whatever the cost. The hardest part is just figuring out what it is God wants.

I live to please God, not people.

I am a writer.

I love cooking and baking and am very good at it.

I love animals, expecially my dogs.

Today, I did put in an application at McDonald’s. I knocked on that door.  I have two friends who work there and used one of them as a reference.

One of my friends, also a Christian, told me she was going to walk from her house to McDonald’s to surprise her husband.  The distance was 20 minutes by car.  I told her, “NO, you are not! I am coming right over to pick you up and take you.”

She had very bad pain in her legs and back a little while ago.  That was just way too far for her to walk.  So, I took her and on the way over she said she wanted to give my husband and I money since I lost my job and I was helping her to get to her husband by car.

I told her that was ok, but she insisted. She gave me $34.00.  I thanked God and her and blessed her and her husband for their kindness.  And, later when I took the money out of my purse, I found it was actually $52.00.

I called her to ask her if she wanted me to give her the $18.00 back. She said, “No”, and told me to buy some food with it.

I thanked her again, and thought- either she counted her money wrong… I  saw her count it. Or, God mulitplied that money. And, yes. I do believe that God does those things.

God can do ANYTHING!


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