On this day-

I saved a turtle (transported him off the road and onto someone’s lawn so he wouldn’t get run over).

I visited one of my adopted grandmas at the nursing home.

And, I cut the grass- the whole entire lawn so my husband wouldn’t re-injure himself by cutting the grass, which he had done on a couple occasions.

About a month ago, he was running in the tennis courts with the dogs and Charlie ran in front of him and cut him off.  My husband fell on his arm and separated a rib from the cartilage.  He had suffered from severe pain for awhile and it was hard for him to work.

His ribs would start to heal and then he would cut the grass. And, the next day he would be in the same amount of pain as when he first got hurt.  (We had a large yard to cut and a walk behind push lawn mower).

This is why I had been cutting the grass the last two times it needed cutting.


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