I have a dilemma.

Recently my husband and I changed the rules and started allowing our newest rescue dog- Roka, to watch TV with us in bed in the evening- before bed.

At bed time, he has his own bedroom he sleeps in. And, Charlie, our youngest dog, sleeps in bed with my husband and me. That is where Charlie had been sleeping before we got Roka.

We did not intend to have two dogs.  But, when Roka came into our lives, we tried to help him and give him a good home. Roka has always had an aggressive tendency towards Charlie when he gets jealous over my husband and me.

Everything had been quieted down for months. And, then, with my bright idea, because I felt sorry for him, we started giving Roka more freedom on the bed.  Well, now he is becoming aggressive again towards Charlie, getting in a fight with him over the couch yesterday and starting something with him on the bed this afternoon.

Charlie is very scared now to be around Roka.

They love each other and have played together and slept on the couch together for months with no problems whatsoever, so this was unexpected.

I guess we need to go back to the way things were.  Roka will not be able to be in that bed with us.  He will have to be in his own room.

We really want to keep Roka, but if he keeps biting Charlie- that is unacceptable.  We don’t want any dog getting hurt.

I will see what happens when we go back to the old rules.  He just got too high and mighty when we gave him more privileges.  Allowing him to be on the bed at all was a bad idea.

Hopefully, when we stop doing that, things will go back to normal.

He is a good dog.  We do want to continue to keep both of our furbabies.


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