After going after Charlie for the past 3 days- incidents in which Roka was territorial over the couch, bed, and front seat of the minivan, I have taken Roka to get neutered.

I spoke with a lady at an animal sanctuary for about an hour yesterday and decided I was not going to take Roka to her or the Humane Society to get him adopted to people who have no other pets.

I, instead, am choosing to work with Roka, and do everything I possibly can to curb that aggressive behavior towards Charlie.

I was told that neutering should help a lot.  And, I also need to crack down on that aggressive behavior and nip it in the bud.

Charlie and Roka will have to be separated for awhile and only when I can be there with the water bottle and make sure if there is an altercation I can stop it, will they be allowed to be together.

We curbed that behavior in the beginning.  Now, we must curb it again.

It is most interesting that they were doing so well for 6 months.  And, then, just last Friday there have been 4 incidents in 3 days.

I will do all I can and hope for the best- that Roka will stop that aggressive behavior toward Charlie and we can all be one, big, happy family again.


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