The dogs we brought home didn’t stay at our house for long.

We tried, but it just didn’t work out.

The dogs we tried to rescue for the night barked for hours on the deck and were waking up all the neighbors.

There was only one thing to do- realize you can’t save every dog and take the dogs back where we found them.  So, at 3:00 in the morning, we walked the dogs back to the Walmart parking lot and let them loose.

It is not our fault the piece of garbage owner did not have tags on those two dogs with their name and phone number.  It is not our fault this particular owner is known to “lose” the dogs on a regular basis and then animal control picks them up and returns them back to the owner.

I rescued two dogs (our two dogs) and they are all that I am responsible for.

The next morning, I did call animal control and told them the two dogs may still be walking around Walmart and may need to be picked up and returned to the owner.

Animal control told me that another good Samaritan picked the dogs off the streets and was waiting to return them to the owner.

Thank goodness.


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