One more week to go  until my husband and I get our paychecks, and we are going to have to put our food on credit cards AGAIN- credit cards that are already very close to the max.

I hate how every time after we pay either rent or all of our other bills, we have enough money for food for one week after that.  And, the second week, we are always falling short.

I am trying to get more ladies at my job as a Personal Care Assisant. I have been hired at a second agency; but, so far, there are no new clients they can give me.

My husband is applying for a second job and I am applying for a third. My parents do not seem to realize that the world they grew up in is not the same world as the one my husband and I are trying to be financially secure in.  It feels impossible.

2 years of struggling and never having enough.  I pray someday, it will change and we will have more than enough.



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