I had worked a good number of hours (for me) out of the home and the weather had been really hot, so I was feeling very worn out and drained.

I decided to rest and relax this weekend.

However, I still did 5 loads of laundry, which really isn’t relaxing. But, it does need to be done.

While doing laundry, I had an incident where I missed a pen my husband had in his shorts pocket. I did check the pockets!

Well on one of the pillows, there were a few ink spots.  The other pillow was completely white- untouched by the ink!

I had to rewash a load of laundry after I found the pen that had leaked a little on our clothes.

I was happy, though. There wasn’t much leakage.  God was protecting our clothes, the little clothes we have! Praise Jesus!

At 11:30 at night, my mom called me and said that my sister-in-law hit some people on a motorcycle and asked me to pray for all involved.

The two people on the motorcycle only got some road burns, thank goodness. Apparently, they were the ones at fault running a red light.

However, there were no witnesses to confirm this. The only one who would have been a witness is my nephew who was in the front seat (passenger side) of the car.  Well, my lovely sister-in-law didn’t get him his new glasses. They didn’t arrive to the eye doctor’s yet and she left his old pair of glasses with the doctor.

Interesting- the only witness that could have helped her with this “incident”, and she was the one as to why he couldn’t be a witness- because the poor boy couldn’t see!


As you can tell, I am not that wild about my sister-in-law.


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