I had been feeling a little out of it lately as I was starting to lose faith about what God said would be my life- someday.

Ever since I got saved in 1995, He had given me visions and revelations of a ministry, one day, with my husband.

And, this ministry would include a 20 year testimony, a book.

The book is completed and it is just waiting…

God has done everything He has said, except for one thing- up until now.

And, I believe He will do that too, in His way and His time.

He will provide the finances needed so we can get copies of the book printed to freely share with anyone who wants a copy.

God is not a liar. He always does what He says He is going to do.  And, God is not a half-behind God.  He will do something all the way, not half way.

I hadn’t picked up that book for months.  But, now, I am being drawn to it like a magnet, to read it.

And, when I do, I find, it helps me keep the faith.

And, that is the key.  Faith and obedience on faith is what enables the visions and revelations God give us to come to fruition.

I had a dream two nights ago that I found money in the floor air vents of my grandparents’ house, (they have passed and their house has been sold for years).  And, I found money in my grandma’s prayer book she would always take with her to church.

I was very close to my grandparents.

I believe in that dream God was showing me that He will most definitely provide all that my husband and I will need for the ministry and all that will be involved with it.

For now, my husband is working at Walmart as a Cart Associate.  And, I go to people’s house and help my three ladies with cooking, cleaning, shopping.

All of my ladies are Christians.  When I come, we talk about God and the Bible and Jesus.

This is the only job God would allow me to get.  And, I realize- it is ministry related.

I love my ladies like my own grandmothers.

And, they appreciate me, too!


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