After my non stick pan got all scratched up, I refuse to buy another one.

I have not really used my stainless steel pans, because I had non stick pans.  But, now I decided to use them.

I recently learned, that if I just use butter or olive oil and get the oil/fat nice and hot, my food does not stick.

My tostada shells don’t stick. My homeade chicken tenders don’t stick.

The hard one- pan fries…

I never made pan fries in a stainless steel pan til now, because it seemed to be impossible to cook them without turning them into a brown sticky pile of mush.

But, now, I know how to do it.  And, now, I find no need to cook them ever again in a non stick pan.

There are four main things I learned when cooking potatoes in a stainless steel pan that allows you to make amazing pan fries with no sticking, whatsoever.

  1. Get your oil and/or butter hot, not extremely hot, just a good sizzle. Then, add your pan fries.
  2.  Use plenty of oil. I use a mixture of half butter, half olive oil. And, I use a stainless steel spatula to turn/stir them several times while cooking.
  3.  Blot your potatoes with paper towels to get the water off of them and cut them into cubes on a dry plate after peeling and rinsing.
  4. Do not use a lid. This creates steam, which turns into water.  And, when you have water with a starchy food, such as potatoes, they will stick.

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