January 12, 2018

I heard that Walmart was going to start paying their employees $11.00 an hour.

That’s good!

That will really help a lot!


January 11, 2018

I made pierogies again tonight.

I added a tad over a tablespoon of sugar to the ricotta cheese filling with vanilla, egg, and grated orange peel and I found I finally got the cheese pierogies sweet enough.

January 10, 2018

I pretty much wasted my day off today- I feel.

I did do 3 loads of laundry, cooked dinner, did dishes, etc.

But, I ended up watching too many YouTube videos.

Yes, I feel that my excessive watching of mindless entertainment put a damper in my productivity.  LOL!

January 9, 2018

My husband met with his managers on this day and he told them that he changed his mind and no longer wants any management position, or leadership position.

He simply wanted to be a “Pee-on” like everyone else.

They were pretty much using him, telling him that he was supposed to train the new-hire parking lot attendants, but they weren’t going to up his pay.

That is a crock of crap.

They were simply going to have him do a job that involved supervisory skills and effort, but they were not going to give him a penny more.

I am so happy he told them that he no longer wants anything to do with a position that will involve him getting it from both ends- those under him and those above him.

He wants to just come to work, do his job and that’s it.

He was promised that he could move into the store after the holidays and that hasn’t happened yet. They keep making excuses why he can’t.

Now, they say, its the way he talks to his co-workers.

Well, his own manager yelled in my face awhile back, and he didn’t lose his job or was told he can’t transfer to a different position in the store.

And, while I am on a roll- a manager and deli told this poor guy who lost a few family members right around the same time that he was not allowed to take the grievance time that is entitled to him by Walmart and that, in her own words, “HE SHOULD HAVE PLANNED IT BETTER.”

Yes, folks, he was told to plan the deaths of his loved ones, so it would not be a burden to the deli manager!!!

What a piece of work this bimbo is!

So, what? We are to have our family members pencil in on a calendar when they think they will pass away or when they would like to pass away to appease this living butthole???

What about when my husband got hurt on the job and his job was being threatened? They did not pay his medical bills- we had to.

They went out on the lot, 2 managers on two different occasions, and told my husband, that, if he could not function at full capacity, then they would send him home.

His arm was in a sling for God’s sake! How is he going to remove multiple shoppig carts from the parking lot with one arm?

He got hurt because Walmart refused to fix the bay door when it was reported as needing repairs 2 months before AT LEAST- and never got fixed.

And, yes, we did write this in my husband’s accident report.

And, wouldn’t you believe that door got fixed that week ?????

Weird, huh?

I am so sick of Walmart and how they treat their employees.

Sam Walton is rolling in his grave if he ever is able to see what the current butt holes are doing to their employees. I hear the managers get a crap-load of bonuses, tons of money and so they do what they can to not let it get to the “Pee-ons”.

They hire less workers and make those same workers do 5 times as much work at a lower pay.

I am so sick that, when I call to inquire about an item or price, I have to wait half an hour -and, well,  don’t get a reponse in half an hour. So, I just hang up the phone.

If you get hurt on the job, they won’t give you Workman’s Comp. Instead, they find a million reasons to pin it on the employee, so they don’t have to pay the medical bills.

Then, on top of that, they threaten your job, if you can’t work or work very well, because you are injured.

I have seen a good man who is amazing with the customers get fired from APPARENTLY leaning against the cash register!

I have seen another man get hurt by the same bay door  (the one where my husband got hurt)  and have years and years of medical attention that he alone has to pay for.

I have been holding my tongue for too long about how Walmart treats its employees- like dirt, like garbage.

And, unfortunately, my husband works there.

We both wish he could get another job, but where we live, the jobs are really scarce.

I guess, that is why this company in this town in this state are getting away with treating their employees like scum.

January 8, 2018

This evening, my husband told me that he was told he could soon lose his job because one of his fellow employees made 3 complaints against him.

And, instead of deducting that this fellow employee simply had a thing against my husband, the managers threatened my husband’s job, blaming it on him.

He was upset.

I was upset.

My husband did’t get any sleep.

January 6, 2018

I had to work at the grocery store today and didn’t think I would be able to.

With all the stress and smells from the cigarette smoke, new heat pump, and sealant, I didn’t think I would wake up feeling very well.

Surprisingly, I did feel pretty good and I made it through my 5 hour shift.

January 5, 2018

This was the day we got a new heat pump put in by our landlord.

My husband had off work. I was supposed to work, but ended up having to miss work.

It was challenging, as the guys were smoking near the crawl space and the smell was coming through the vents. The new system and sealant also smelled the whole house up.

The whole family, dogs included, spent the day in the minivan and the evening trying to air the house out.

January 4, 2018

The mechanic checked the minivan to see where the gas smell was coming from.  And,  he said he thinks he found the spot and it would cost us $146.

I think, for now, we will simply leave the minivan in the driveway instead of the garage if we don’t want to smell gas in the garage for 2-3 hours after we drive it every time.


January 3, 2018

Since the washer that my landlord has in an uninsulated garage froze, and since I am allergic to scented laundry detergent and fabric softeners many people use in laundromats, I chose to hand wash 2 loads of laundry in the bathtub.

Yeah, it was very hard work, but I had this feeling of satisfaction as I put away our dry, clean clothes.

The jeans were the hardest to wring out my hand.

I do not like washing jeans by hand!

I REALLY hope the washer thaws soon.