May 14, 2017

I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.


Being a mother is a thankless job.  It is a job that is not glamorous. But, it is one of the most important jobs, there is, if not THE most important.

Having children and raising them begins the moment a child is conceived- eating right, doing all you can do to have a healthy pregnancy.  And, this job does not end EVER.

Your children are your children for life.

24/7, 365 days.  That is a big responsibility.

It is hard work, sleepless nights, days of worry, and tremendous sacrifice.

It is rewarding, too.  It is a smile, a happy face, a content sigh.  It is knowing that all that you sacrificed was worth it.

It is everything you have done for another person to be the best person he or she can be that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

Here’s to all the amazing women out there who have bore children, raised children, fostered and adopted children- cared for children.

God bless you all!

May 13, 2017

Lately, I have been noticing we had ants in our cabinets.

But, we have no food in our cabinets- no canned goods, no cereal, no chips.

I have a bag of flour, sugar, and a few spices in a cardboard box out on the kitchen counter.

But, we have no snack food, whatsoever. We can’t afford it, not even a bag of chips. We have been living like this for 2 years ever since we got married. The frig is empty, too. And, so is the freezer.

We have water bottles, ketchup, mayo, a bottle ranch dressing, a gallon of milk and a jug of ice tea that I make my husband from scratch, in the frig- no real food, no snacks, no fruit.

The freezer is even worse- ice jugs, just ice jugs, plastic bottles filled with water and then frozen, in case we had to take the cooler and transport food for a day trip, etc.  But, we never go anywhere. There is never any food in the freezer.  Well, occasionally there is one container of ice cream- that’s it.

Well, anyway, getting  back on track… I noticed those pesky ants we had for awhile now this year, were also in the cabinets and the only thing in the cabinets was a bottle of vitamins, a box of natural flu remedy, and Cold-eeze.

Well, the box of Cold-eeze was loaded with ants.  They ate holes in the wrapper and were inside the individually wrapped lozenges.  I unwrapped the lozenge and there were 5-6 ants walking around the lozenge itself.  They even ate holes IN the lozenge. Half the lozenge was gone!

The good news is, after I got rid of that box of Cold-eeze, there is now nothing in that cabinet anymore that is attracting those suckers.  So, now, we shouldn’t have ants in the cabinet anymore.

As far as the ants on my counter-top- The ones that liked to get in my box of spices and baking ingredients- we put the flour and sugar in ziploc bags a couple weeks ago, and that solved that problem. There are no more ants going by the box anymore.

We still have to nip in the bud the last batch of ants that hang around the sink.

If this rain would just stop already, then maybe they would all go back to where they came from. Every year in the Spring, because of the heavy rain, we get ants for a few months.

I need them to go NOW!

I am so sick of them.

Even now, when I am writing this blog there was an ant walking on my shirt. It must have gotten on me when I was ridding the kitchen cabinet of ants this morning.

I hate ants!


May 11, 2017

This evening we got a thunderstorm.

And, I was washing laundry.  The power went out, and now the washer is acting up.  I sure hope after I put it on the spin cycle to get the excess water out of the clothes, it will regulate and wash the clothes with no error.

I just wanted to wash a couple loads of laundry, while my husband was at work.  It may be too much to ask- we’ll see…

I thought I was supposed to start work tomorrow. But, apparently the drug test didn’t come back yet.  Great… I need to work TODAY.

SO SICK of borrowing money from other people.


May 10, 2017

Last night I saw a vacancy was posted for a job I had applied for and had even interviewed for about 4 months ago.   And, now, not just one position was open, but two.

When I applied about 4 months ago, the interview seemed to go well. But, I didn’t get hired that time around. I decided to re-submit my resume a second time.  And, I got a phone call this morning, went for the interview- again. And, this time, I was told I was hired.

It turns out, yes the employer liked me, but because of two stupid little things (to me), I was passed over the first time, either looking like I was a bit crazy or simply rude.

Yes, I called the pastor to see if I could use him as a reference. And, no, it was not during the interview.  It was before the interview when I was filling out the application. My employer was in another room waiting for me to fill the application out.  But, today, it came out that she thought I was making a personal call instead of filling out the application.

Then, during the interview, she said I was looking at my watch.  I was not looking at the time, as she thought I was where it looked to her that I wanted to be anywhere else but the interview.  NO.  I was a bit nervous for this would be my first real full-time job in 20 years, since I got sick.

So, every now and then, I did glance down, and, yes, my watch was pretty.  My aunt gave it to me.  I am a creative person.  And, I loved the butterflies and pink roses on it, which, both of those things meant something to me.

So, after all this stuff came out, I was blessed to be given a second chance.  I was blessed that I had a chance to explain myself.  And, I am very blessed that she said that she felt she should give me a chance, that there were a lot of good things she saw in me too that would be an asset for this job.

It was for a collections job.  And, I knew all too well what it was like to not have money and have bills that you have no idea how you will ever be able to pay. Yes, I had the empathy.  I had the compassion.

This employer was a Christian, which was so cool. We were even allowed to pray for people we called.

I felt 4 months ago, that this job was for me.  I would be very good at it. I would really like it.  But, the thing I will like most of all is that my husband and I would not have to get money from other people, anymore.  I hated being a burden to other people.  I wanted to give, not take from anyone.

My husband had also recently discussed with his employer the option of taking a managerial position, which would mean more money. Next week, they would discuss that in further detail.

My employer said that my first day would be Friday.

I am looking forward to this opportunity to help other people and have some much needed financial freedom.

May 9, 2017

I loved my banana cream pie so much.  I made another one.

This time, I used a little under 3 cups of milk/cream- 2 cups of half and half and 1 cup of whole milk.  And, and the pie was a bit thicker.

Also, I made sure I stuck at 3/4 cup sugar and did not use 1 full cup, like I did before.  It was a bit sweet.

I did add about 1/3 cup brown sugar  to give it more richness and depth in flavor. Brown sugar isn’t as sweet as white sugar, so I figure this latest addition shouldn’t make the pie that much sweeter.

I used 2 1/2 bananas this time instead of only 2, because I wanted every bite to have a banana piece.

I need to wait a few hours for it to set and get cold, like I like it.  But, I can’t wait to try this latest pie with all the tweaks to the recipe.

May 7, 2017

Yesterday, we went by the place where my husband and I got married close to two years before.

Wedding Pic

And, the place looked like chocolate milk.  The water was extremely brown as far as the eye could see.  I cried at how disgusting that place looked.

Every body of water looked like that because of the tremendous amount of rain we got about a week before. We had recently gotten water shoes and towels to take the dogs swimming. And, now, no one was going swimming for God knows how long, because the water had gotten so dirty and contaminated too.

The porta potties got flooded.  And, so, now, there was human feces in the water supply.
And, it wasn’t just one porta potty.  It was MANY- from ALL the lakes and rivers that got flooded.

It would be awhile before ANYONE would be able to enjoy our many bodies of water again.

May 6, 2017

Today, before my husband went to work

It was my bright idea to go to the park and let the dogs run freely for a few minutes in the tennis courts, like we sometimes do.

Well, when my husband was running with Charlie (Symba), Charlie ran in front of my husband, cutting him off and causing him to come crashing to the ground.

So, just short of two hours before my husband had to go to work, he got hurt.  He was unable to work today.

It was a Saturday afternoon, so NO ONE, NO doctor was in his or her office, but when I went through the yellow pages, I found one Chiropractor who, when I called that number, he gave his cell phone number. I called that cell phone number and he answered.

We told him my husband’s symptoms and I asked if he needed to go somewhere and get something popped back in place. And, he said, “No”. And, he said there was nothing any doctor could do.  It wasn’t a broken rib.  But, a rib seemed to be separated from some cartilage.

He said to put some ice on it and wrap it up and time would have to heal that injury.

This saved us hundreds of dollars and a 5 hour wait in the emergency room, the place my husband thought he had to go. And, no one would have been able to help us anyway. The emergency room would have just referred us to a Chiropractor anyway, and we wouldn’t get in to see ANY doctor til Monday.

This was a divine appointment from God, help, a blessing.  This man was in another state. We weren’t a patient of his. Yet, he helped us- for free.

He even said that, if he was at home, he would have seen us and helped my husband in person, if there was anything he could do. That, to me is none other than one of our MANY angels God has given us on this earth.

God is SO good!

May 5, 2017

I revised my Master Cookbook a little today.

I had about 6 sugar cookie recipes that I combined into 3.

I also had 3 cream pie recipes that I streamlined into one main recipe. It is very easy.

Usually cream pies are so difficult. But, this one calls for mixing all the ingredients together, but the milk, cream, and vanilla.  You cream together the egg yolks, sugar, salt, cornstarch and butter.

Then you heat the milk and cream.  When the milk and cream starts bubbling, you add the creamed mixture.  You stir constantly all that stuff on medium heat for about 5 minutes. And, when it gets thick, you take it off the heat, add your vanilla and cool it a bit and pour it into your pie crust.

Pretty fool proof.

I also have this amazing recipe for this caramel frosting.  Yes, you cook it too, but it is so easy.  You add most of the ingredients right into the saucepan.  And, when it comes to a rolling boil, you only cook it while stirring for 90 seconds on the money. I use my cell phone’s seconds function for this.

Then, it really thickens up when you take it off the heat and start cooling it down.

I make these brown sugar sugar cookies with the caramel as a filling in between two sugar cookies.  It is like an amped up version of an Oreo cookie- SO good!