September 12, 2017

Last night, I found out one of the sweet ladies I help was in the hospital, and so, I visited her last night.  While I was there, she said the food was horrible, especially the eggs; and she told me that she missed the omlets I would make her all the time.  So, I made her an omlet this morning and took it to the hospital for her.

She gets out of the hospital the next week or so, and she will have 2-3 meals on the one I made her. She doesn’t eat very much at each meal. The hospital staff labeled her tupperwares and put her portions of  the omlet in the frig. for her.

My husband’s mom and stepdad live in Florida, about an hour or so, Southeast of Tampa. They said they will be without power for another week or two. They do have food and water. And, they said their local Walmart is providing shower facilities.

Praying for Texas and Florida.

This evening was my day off this week and the bananas were getting quite brown, so I made a banana cake. This cake is VERY moist. And, the key is to fold in beaten egg whites by hand after all the other ingredients are in the bowl. You separate your eggs. Yolks go in the batter.  Whites get reserved til the end.

Also, you need to bake the cake at a lower temperature- 275-300 degrees for a little longer. But it is worth it.  This cake is MOIST!

I am going to have pizza bagels for dinner, because I need a delivery agent for which to eat my cake. I can’t have sweets unless I eat them with a meal. Or else I get jumpy.



September 11, 2017

There is a dog that has been coming around our house, lately.

She stand across the street and looks at Charlie, and then goes back to her home, that we recently found is just right around the corner.

We got Charlie at the Humane Society over 2 years ago when he was just 3 1/2 months old.

This female dog looks just like Charlie. So much so that, one morning, when she had been right outside our front door and I saw her, I almost let her in the house thinking Charlie got loose somehow.

My husband notified me that Charlie was safe and sound sleeping in bed with him.

This dog HAS to be either Charlie’s mama or sister!

We got a DNA test done on Charlie and one of his parents is full blooded Staffordshire Terrier.  And, the other is 50 percent Staffordshire Terrrier, 12.5 percent Golden Retriever, and another 12.5 percent unknown.  That other 12.5 percent may be greyhound or something like that.

We think Charlie’s mama was the one who was mixed- Staffordshire Terrier, Golden Retriever and something else, IF that dog is his mother.

That would leave his daddy to be the full blooded Stafforshire Terrier.




September 10, 2017

There is something that has been going around our community for a few months, now-

People paint rocks and write cool things on them and then hide them for someone else to find.

Once you find the rocks, you can keep them and make more to hide. Or, simply, re-hide the rocks you find.

I found two at Walmart in the same spot just a day apart.  One was metallic purple with the word “Smile” written in orange and a smiley face in blue glitter paint.

The other was an orange Pac-Man with a black eyeball.

I re-hid one and gave another to a dear friend of mine who was in the hospital. I had donated a rock, myself, about a month ago. I saw on the website of this latest craze that the rock was still in circulation as of a week ago.

Mine was painted in beige and the words were in tan.  It said “I can do ALL things through Christ.”


September 8, 2017

Charlie threw up a few times and then this morning, he vomited up this-


Just a few months ago, this came out of his stomach. Yes, he threw my husband’s sock up too!


He eats my shoes-


He takes my kitchen towels off the cabinet handles and gives them to his furbrother to get him in trouble too!



Charlie eats EVERYTHING!

September 7, 2017

My husband and I cut the grass today.

After we cut the grass, we had the most horrible allergies.

Not only were we breathing all the pollens, the dirt was so dry, there was dust everywhere.

It was like a dust bowl.

We had to take lots of Vitamin C to recover from this grass cutting incident.

September 3, 2017

I worked for 8 hours.

Then, when I got home from work, I had to sew two corners of our throw pillow- Charlie got them again, well the OTHER two corners.


I sewed two corners a week or so ago on the same pillow.

He loves to chew up our pillows and comforter and mattress when we go to work.

I got him some natural anxiety dog chews!

This dog has separation anxiety something terrible!